What is Kinemaster ? No Watermark App Download

What is Kinemaster?

Kinemaster is a video editing app with which you can do a good quality video editing even up to 4K high quality video editing. Many such features will be found in this app, so that you can do a good video editing. One special thing about this app is that most of the features run without internet. That is, you can do video editing through this app even without Internet. So let us tell you step by step about how to make video from Kinemaster.

How to download KineMaster app

If you want to download kine master app in your android then you will easily find this app in Playstore . Go to your phone’s play store and search kinemaster in the search box and you will find this app there. You can do video editing by installing it from there. Let’s edit a video with this kinemaster app once we download it from play store. The problem is that when we make changes in the video, after making changes, the watermark of Kinemaster will also appear in the video. Means hai hai hai best looking video good looking. Problem Let’s solve this problem.

How to do video editing with Kinemaster?

So come on, friends, let’s start our article today, in which we will tell you how to do video editing with Kine master. In this, we will give you information about all the features of Kinemaster, so that you can do your video editing easily. We will teach you step by step video editing, definitely read our post till the end.

Click on the option of Create New. As soon as you click on Create New, some options will appear in front of you, out of which you have to select the Ratio of your video and then click on Create option. Now select the video you want to edit.

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How to make full screen video in Kinemaster?

how to get full screen on kine master: Whoever does video editing with kine master has the same problem that the video he is editing is not full screen i.e. its size is less. it occurs. So let us solve this problem easily.

  • Tap on the video with your finger. After that some options will appear in front of you. Of these, click on Pan and zoom.
  • Click on the ‘=’ sign shown here and then zoom your video with both fingers as shown above, zoom as much as you want to show your video full screen. Now your video will be full screen.

How to put song on video from kinemaster?

While editing video from Kine master, if you want to add a song or audio to the video, then select the option with Audio as shown in the image above.

  • Now a list of downloaded songs will appear in front of you, out of which you can choose your favorite songs. From the list you will select the song, a ‘+’ sign will appear next to it, click on it. Now that song will be played on your video. If you want to cut that song from somewhere and then follow the steps below.
  • First of all, tab on the song you have put on the video. As soon as you tab it, many options will appear in front of you. Here you have to click on the option of Trim / Split. After that you can cut the song according to you.

How to remove watermark in kinemaster?

We have mentioned above how to remove watermark in Kine master. You can remove watermark by downloading Kine master mode Apk App. But we will tell you a simple trick to remove watermark in this Kinemaster.

When you do video editing, keep the ratio of the size of the video to 16:9.

When your video is edited, save it and it will be saved in Gallary. Now go to Gallary and crop it. Now as soon as you crop, your video will appear on full screen and watermark will be removed. In this way you can remove watermark from your video.

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