What is Signal App and how to use it in 2023

What is Signal App?

Signal App is a secure messaging app which is very similar to Whatsapp. Signal app is not just a messaging app but also a protocol. In this, you can send messages to any other Signal App user, you can chat and you can also create groups. Its specialty is that the user’s data is not stored in the cloud server, it remains saved in your phone only.

You can also make Voice Call and Video Call in it.

Who has created the Signal App?

This app has been created by Signal Foundation. Signal Foundation is an American non-profit company founded by Marlinspike and former co-founder of Whatsapp, Brian Acton. Acton resigned from the company due to a dispute with Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. After that joined the Signal Foundation and contributed to the making of the Signal App.

What is Signal App and how to use it in 2023

How to download Signal App?

This app is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To download this app, all you have to do is type ‘Signal App’ in the search bar. Its icon is shown in the image below so that you can identify it.

Its file size is around 84MB for Android and 134MB for iOS. If you want to download directly from Signal’s website then click on this Download Link.

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How to use Signal App?

As we told earlier that this app is very similar to WhatsApp. That’s why it is very easy to use it too. When you install and open this app, you will get to see some such interface. After this, what you have to do has been told step-by-step.
Signal terms & privacy

1. Here the button of Continue will be visible below the Terms and Privacy Policy, click on it.

2. After this permission will be sought for Contacts, Call and Storage. Then click on Continue and click on Allow permission.

3. Now the page of Enter your phone number to get started will appear in front of you. Here you have to select India and enter your number and click on Next.

4. After this the verification code will be sent to the given number. If the number is in the same phone, it will automatically detect the OTP. If OTP is not coming then you can also find out through Call.

5. After this you will have to create a 4 digit PIN so that no one else can see your Chat History without permission.

6. After this enter your name and Profile Photo and click on Next.

7. Now the set-up of Signal App is completely complete and you can use it.
Signal App Features

8. To message someone, you have to click on the pencil icon.

9. After this the contact list will be in front of you or you can search by typing the name in the search bar.

10. Click on the Contact to whom you want to send the message.

11. After typing the message, just like Whatsapp, click on the icon of Send.

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Features of Signal App

Signal App has better features than Whatsapp. You do not get these features in Whatsapp. Let us know what are these features.

1) Group Joining Request
We told you earlier also that you can create a group in the Signal App. But like Whatsapp no one can add you to any group. When someone wants to add you to a group, you will get a notification about it.

If you accept it then only you will be able to add to that group. If you do not want to be added to that group, then you can also ignore the notification.

2) PIN Lock Security
You can set Screen Lock and Registration Lock in Signal App. Whenever your Mobile Screen is turned off in Screen Lock, then to open the Signal App, you will have to enter the 4 digit PIN that you had set.

If you apply Registration Lock, then the next time you register the Signal App, that PIN will be required. The advantage of this is that no one else can use your Signal account except you.

3) Hide ”typing…..” Feature
While chatting in Whatsapp, when the person in front keeps on typing, then ‘typing……’ is written. Can’t hide it in Whatsapp but you can hide it in Signal App.

For this you have to go to Settings Privacy and turn off Typing indicators. With this, the person in front will not know whether you are typing or not. But even with this you will not be able to know whether the person in front is typing or not.

4) Hide Blue Tick Feature
If you want that no one should know whether you have seen the sent message or not, then you can Hide Blue Tick. For this also go to Settings Privacy and turn off Read receipts. But even with this you will not be able to see whether the person in front has seen the message or not.

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