How to change photo on Driving Licence in 2023 Read Full Details

How to change photo on Driving Licence in 2023 Read Full Details

How to change photo on Driving Licence in 2023: Read the article to know how to change driving licence on photo. The motor vehicles act on 1998, driving is a penal offence. This is essential to keep your driving licence up to date. you reletive to another state, make sure new location is related on your driver licence and update driving licence on photo.

Document required for changing photo on driving licenc

the documents required for change photo on Driving Licence:-

  1. Password sized photography
  2. Adhar card
  3. Driving Licence
  4. Duly filled form

Uploaded a New driving licence photo and a Signature to a Licence:-

  1.  Your state name put.
  2.  Upload Document from the selected.
  3.  Upload signature and photography select.

Keep in mind this service is only available in states.

How to change photo on Driving Licence  procedure?

Only on it a regional transport office centre can be uploaded driving licence on photo. Thar from can be obtained via the state regional transport office (RTO) website or from the centre itself.

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Update driving licence on photo offline

  1. Enter the regional transport office to obtain the from.
  2. The will check your superintendent
  3.  download able from bring it with the documents and your image.
  4. Your amount pay the appropriate on RTO.
  5.  your driving licence the revised card comes and will be receipt.
  6. The driving licence will be maind to your new location in one month.

Update Driving Licence and photo online

I have updated driving licence on photo and signature

  1. Driving licence is choose a variety on related services.
  2. Choice a state.
  3. Choice the DL on service.
  4. Your driving licence birthday and number.
  5. Keep the RTO number in information.
  6. You are able on see your driving licence.
  7. Put your phone number, qualification and blood group.
  8. Put your application. you have a given  an acknowledgement slip.
  9. Upload photo and your signature.
  10. You must pay Rs 520 plus a service charge on Rs 55.

Persent your application and fee receipt a motor vehicles and your Rt office. A Licence will be sent by post this procedure helps and how to change photo on Driving Licence.

How to check the status of update driving licence on photo?

The process ia application of update driving licence on photo by the steps outlined below.

  1. The official website to sarthi.
  2. from the homepage select on service
  3. Select driving licence the menu related services.
  4. Put the state from which you wanted perform the service.
  5. Put your number, date of birth, and captcha code, and the status is your application whill be displayed.

The selected explains in detail how to change photo on Driving Licence.

Permanent Driving Licence:-

Driving licence aissues the RTA a permanent post the appropriate meets the eligibility criteria. As per the criteria should be 18 years of age and should be clear the driving licence. In a case the driving licence on photo test i have a reappear in it after 7days.

Commercial Driving Licence

The criteria on the applicant should be 18 years of age or above and trained by government training either in a government training centre.I have  complete education 8th grade and documents hava a already process a learner licence.

International Driving Licence

  1. Who want do drive in malesia country can be obtained this permit , which confirm driving licence on photo.
  2. The option this permit ,one must have a driving licence and Submit an application at the location RTO . I have vaild for one  year, after with replacement e required as is connected be renewed.

Depending on the types of the driving licence on photo for it .the every vehicles types will very good driving licence on photo the list and vehicle types will drive.

Age proof:-

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Password.
  3. 10th pass mark sheet
  4. Pan card
  5. Aadhaar card

Smart card driving licence

You have a smart cart driving licence on photo.Scdls are more secure and than traditional driver licence. The SCDL contains data that is difficult to affer change the driving licence.

Improve record keeping

The SCDL information stored can easily accessible update. making it easy track and holder driving licence and other information.

Eligibility to Get an lindian Driving Licence:-

The motor vehicles act 1998 have a eligibility rules when it comes to getting a driving licence on you are 18years old man. To be able to oppertunity transport vehicles you need to be last 20year old man. The required can obtion an Indian driving licence as a long about the driving licence age limited from the table given below:

Conclusion :-

A driving licence is very nice documents. It is a drive without difficult. How you are need the driving licence on photo .The first and preferred option is do it online while the second is to olgo the local RTO to make the changes. Choice driving licenceisaofficalwebsiteandservices.Choice and state and services on DL .enter your driving licence number and birth date. Select details button. You have a see our driver here. Enter RTO information. You have a given anacknowledgement slip. driving licence is very necessaryin life.

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